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About Us


The New Haven Chamber of Commerce began on June 14, 1945. It had its purpose: encouraging and advancing the best interest, civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc., of New Haven and adjacent territory; and to promote and protect trade, industry, and public Welfare.

The New Haven community Development Corporation was incorporated in 1983 with the purpose of promoting and assisting the growth and development of business concerns, including small businesses in the Corporations’ service area, and to otherwise carry out such charitable and educational functions as are necessary or appropriate.

In 1987 these two entities began working on a merger that was finalized on November 20, 1987. The News-Sentinel southeast Neighbors section on Nov. 14, 1987, had this to say about the merger: There’ll be much togetherness for the New Haven Chamber of commerce and the New Haven community Development corporation. Not only are they meeting together for their annual meeting Thursday, but also among the agenda items is the announcement of plans for their merger and joint community goals.”

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